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How to Be Content and Happy in Life


Between health problems, fiscal burdens, family and work stressors, anxiety of the unknown as well as a number of fires that pop up monthly, even daily or weekly, being content and happy with YOUR life can be one heck of a challenge.

Here are a few hard and fast rules you’ll be able to follow to ensure your headspace is in an area that is joyful and content.

Do not compare

With the development of the latest social media came the capability to obtain a prompt access peek into the lives of others as well as a handy method to stay informed about friends and family.

Online newsgroups provide an easy stage whereby you keep up with folks you adore and can share with, like, are simply interested about or even flat out obsessed with. Nevertheless, I warn you to safeguard your head do not fall into the trap of comparing your life to others and when reading posts.

It does not take long to stumble onto a post that markets another’s highlight reel. Keep in mind that what they share is usually only that… the ‘highlight reel’ with just as many highs, lows and challenges as the following man lurking behind their well-crafted trailer.

Live your life based on morals, your values and attempts being cautious not to self-judge on the basis of the perceived achievements of others. They’ve as much crap happening behind the scenes as you do – and based on the ‘shout’ for focus… likely more.

Quit to Sharpen Your Tool

My partner and I used to get a running joke where when she had get back to the home after dropping our son off at school she’d fly past me saying “OK time to get after it!” to which I’d react “good luck chasing your tail feathers!” and so she’d start to pursue herself in a circular motion to supply me the ‘unpredictable chicken’ protest that never failed to get me laugh – well it is funnier to see than read.

It took me years of training before she acquired the practice of strategizing and preparation before jumping into ‘doing.’ And while my wife could get it work, for most folks (myself included) chasing your tail results in getting less done and more pressure attempting to do it.

To ensure each day is optimized for success, take time for yourself (or even meet together with the whole family) at the start of the week to plan, establish targets and delegate duties for the next seven days.