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Why Install Asphalt Parking Lot Pavement?

install-asphalt-paving_300_200Asphalt is one of the materials majorly used for paving. You can easily find walkways, parking lots and parking garages laid using asphalt and concrete. Asphalt is chosen for different reasons. First, they are durable and easy to clean and maintain. The long-term cost involved is also less when compared to most other paving options. You should remember that asphalt comes in different grades.

Hot mix asphalt is a type that has less moisture content and relative high on toughness. Due to excellent durability, this type of asphalt is used in areas with high traffic. Warm asphalt mix is made by adding few additives. This is considered as environmental-friendly as it uses less fossil fuel during production. Cold mix asphalt uses soapy water, thereby avoiding the need for high temperature during protection. This type of asphalt is used mainly in low traffic areas.

Glassphalt is produced by adding crushed glass. This process helps to recycle the old glass bottles. This asphalt has extra roughness on the surface, thereby providing better skid protection. Rubberized asphalt concrete is made by using old tire crumbs. This type of asphalt helps to recycle the old tires, which other causes landfill.

Asphalt exist in two forms namely porous and non-porous forms. Porous asphalt, as the name says, has tiny porous. Porous asphalt surface allows the moisture and air to pass through beneath. This surface provides better traction and also minimizes flooding. This surface is cooler in hot weather. The disadvantage of porous asphalt is that it can be easily stained and cleaning can be more difficult. Non-porous asphalt prevents passing of moisture. They are easy to clean and easily release stains and dirt.

When pressure washing the asphalt surface, you should take enough care to use the right type of detergent and solvents. Using bad cleaning products could result in reducing the lifetime of asphalt. You should type of asphalt based on your soil type, drainage installation, weather and other factors.

To have better asphalt parking lot paving, you should first identify a good contractor. If you choose a bad contractor, then your asphalt pavement project could become a failure. If you want to protect your investment on asphalt pavement, you should focus on cleaning and maintenance. Choosing a contractor, who can offer a guarantee for his work can be highly advantageous. Take time to read the reviews about the contractors, before hiring a one. Look into various online directories to find more details about the asphalt paving contractor in your town.

Before going asphalt installation, you should know its complete advantages and disadvantages. This helps you to determine whether asphalt pavement is the right option for your property or not. Successful and lasting asphalt pavement project depends on the hands of contractor only. Many homeowners have poorly laid driveway by choosing a bad contractor.

This is the reason, why one must be more careful in choosing the contractor. There are many guides and resources on the Internet to help you find the right contractor. You can discuss with other home owners online to get a good idea in this regard.