Here’s a Review of the Intex 1600 GPH Krystal Clear Sand Filter Pump

Clear Sand Filter PumpThe Intex swimming pool pump has merged two proved and excellent systems into a single product providing a great advantage for those who want above the ground pool pumps. This is one of the top rated pool pumps that are easy to maintain and low cost. The system is controlled using an automatic 24 hour timer that will make the operation of the swimming pool pump easy and carefree. It will also keep your swimming pool clean, safe and comfortable for the swimmers. If you are interested in this pool pump, you can take a look at this review to understand its features.

This pump from Intex can keep the water sparkling clean with its pump flow rate of 1600 GPH and system flow rate of 1500 GPH. This system is an easy to operate one with a six way filter valve that makes the maintenance of the same easy. It gives options to backwash, recirculate, rinse, filter, drain and close the system. The 360 mm sand filter tank diameter is a heavy duty one with 25 kg sand capacity without sand in it. The system can be automatically controlled with a 24 hour in-built timer that makes the everyday operation easy.

The Intex pool pump has a cartridge filter that was used with the pool that collects the waste particles. You can change the filter or clean it using chemicals. However, there is no small except that of chlorine in the water. The water will be too clean with the use of this pool pump. Also, the users of the product have claimed that it requires only minimal maintenance that is an added advantage of this pump. The maintenance work is done to empty the skimmer basket and vacuum it whenever needed. Moreover, it is fast to clean this swimming pool pump, and it can be done once in a month too.

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