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Inquiry Checklist For Interviewing A Realtor

Interviewing A Realtor

Having a compatible and trusted relationship with your real estate agent is a prerequisite for getting the desired result out of your exciting hunt for property. It all starts with a quick interview session between the realtor and prospective buyer or seller to understand the requirements, expectations, budgets and lifestyle standards. This opportunity can also be used to analyze and question about the credentials, experience, and expertise offered by the real estate agents. Choosing the right realtor can be really challenging considering the fierce competition among real estate companies, agents, and brokers. The best way is to first get the basic understanding of the market trends, prevailing rates, listed hot properties etc. through online reviews and informative websites like This way you would be in a better position to negotiate the terms and check the authenticity of real estate agent.

A stepwise guide to choosing the right realtor is as follows:
Step-1: Try to get references of their previous clientele
Feedbacks and testimonies of people you have availed their services in the past, help you to build confidence in the services of the agent. Few tips from the references can guide you with deciding the terms with the realtor in your best interest.

Step-2: check their qualification, credentials and licenses
It is essential that they have all required licenses required to function in a location, to avoid any delay and legal hiccups for you in future. Having membership of established association like realtor board is self-explanatory about their past work and experience. Depending upon your need you can choose from specialized certified professionals.

Step-3: Enquire about their listing inventory and network in the real estate market
Review their past and current listings and compare it with the sought of properties you are looking for. You can always ask them to share their current listing inventory to get an idea how popular they are in each area. Since the real estate agent’s profile requires a lot of coordination and relationship building with various statutory authorities and other players in the market, your agent having a strong network can be beneficial for you to get your work done quickly and efficiently.

Step-4: Know about their commission and guarantee offered
Agents charge certain percentage ranging from 1% to 4% for each side of the transaction. Depending on their specialization this percentage may increase. Try to negotiate their commission component as there is the scope of discussion considering the intense competition in the real estate market. Also check if they offer an option for agreement cancellation as per their company policy, in case you are not satisfied by the arrangement made.

Certain details which your agent should provide you with include access to recent market sales and property appraisal rate in the area of your interest. Contact with a large number of buyers and analyzing their credentials to identify potential leads. Transparency to advertising and marketing strategies, advise on the appropriate mode of sale and most importantly efficient administration of all the financial, legal and documentation issues on your behalf.

How To Choose Your Asphalt Paving Contractor


When you’re designing your driveway, activity area or parking lot, it is important to get as many opinions and as much information as possible before settling on the final paving material. Many asphalt sydney contractors exist but only look for trusted sources who can provide references and certifications to back up their experience. The quality and cost of the paving materials should be considered, but an expert contractor makes all the more difference when it comes to installation. In order to stand out for the conventional tiles, try asphalt instead. According to, asphalt is a versatile medium that has a plethora of uses and is extremely hard when applied the right way.

The street value of your property is at stake when it comes to installing a pathway or a driveway – keep that in mind when you are hiring a contractor. Having someone who has years of experience under their belt when it comes to asphalt paving will not only make the paving more attractive but will also stop you from making expensive mistakes. An expert will be able to pick the right type of asphalt to suit your property, mix it and apply it in such a way that it lasts long and looks good.

Communication may sometimes seem like a problem at times. A good contractor should be able to explain each step of the process clearly. Nevertheless, to be on the safe side, some contractors provide a warranty for their services. A project warranty covers material and workmanship defects such that if the value or quality of the items above is not up to the standard to agree upon at the start of the contract, they will do everything to fulfil the deficit with minimal cost incurrence. Different projects have different types of warranties, as they are unique to each project. A valid license and insurance can provide support for the contractors, their equipment and your property too.

A good asphalt company will either have an open testimony page on their website or share reviews on third-party sites. By learning about the types of jobs they take on, their quality of service and the projects they are currently undertaking, customers can decide whether the asphalt pavers they are looking at are potentially the best for them. Any additional accreditation on their website regarding special achievements or social service awards can further prove to potential customers that they are the best.

The final deciding factor is the price. Some contractors will ask exorbital amounts of money for the smallest projects while other deals seem too good to be true. Competitive pricing is important when deciding on a paving contractor. If a deal seems a little too cheap, be aware of the quality of the materials they use and the workmanship of the final product. The customer representatives you talk to usually offer a free site visit as well as an approximate quote. The price fluctuates with regards to the complexity of the project, the size of the project, the types of special equipment it will require among other factors. Take your time deciding on the best course of action before sealing the deal.

What Amenities Do Buyers Look For In Condominiums


When you are looking to buy a condo, there are certain amenities which are essential to you and some not so much. Keeping this in mind, condominiums these days are made to suit the lifestyle of the buyers and can range from bowling alleys to a more basic amenity like a sports center. Facilities do not come free of cost, so choose what you want based on what you want to pay. Though some properties like 1 Yonge St. Condos offers the best value regarding both money and amenities. lists many properties with hundreds of amenities, but what is essential is to know what is offered and what you need. There should also be a checklist on what are the must-haves and what is good to have. Here are some of the top amenities condos are offering.

Rooftop Recreation: As per surveys, buyers of condos like high rise building than a building of few floors. Part of the reason people prefer high risers is that it looks good when you stand on top of the building and look at the fantastic views of the city. Apart from that a tall rise building also means that you will be able to get a whole lot of features in your building itself rather than going out of your building complex.
The attraction of high rises is that you can have a garden swimming pool, lounge, restaurant, etc. to enjoy the view from the top. Some buildings even have multiple recreation facilities which can have areas reserved for parties and catering, etc. Some buildings also have areas for organizing events and gatherings with access to a private room for such events.

Green living: With awareness on environmental issues increasing, buyers are looking at places that are energy efficient along with certification on Energy appliances. They also want fixtures which consume low water, low power consumption. The devices should also be eco-friendly which saves not only money on power and water bills but also has as little impact on the environment as possible. Homebuyers have become savvy to understand about sustainability which leads to less expense. Apart from that, they are looking at the design aspect of the buildings as in materials used in doors, windows, etc. It is also appealing to buyers when buildings have efficient systems to conserve water, electricity, etc. and even utilize naturally available resources like wind and sunlight.

Family-friendly features: Most buyers who have a family look for amenities that will be fun for the kids as well as the parents. Some of the features like a play area, sports center or a daycare facility are very much in demand. Another plus is when buildings have good schools and children’s hospital nearby. Successful condo buildings even offer events for kids like pottery making, storytelling, etc.
Apart from the above features, some essential amenities like having access to public transport, proximity to entertainment like malls, etc. will also be a top priority. Trends come and go, but one top amenity which will never fade is the location. Every condo buyer will look for a hot spot location.