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Mold Testing in Atlanta: Its Features and Types

Mold Testing

Mold testing tells whether we have mold problem in our house or not. Mold testing Atlanta services help us find hidden mold, measure our indoor air quality and identify the species of mold growing in our house.

Performing Professional Mold Testing

It is always recommended to perform mold testing by a qualified mold professional. Hiring a mold tester who is professional and experienced at collecting and analyzing mold samples is the best way to get accurate results.

Using Mold Test Kits

We purchase mold kits so that we can use it to collect mold samples ourselves. It is a cheaper option than having mold tester test at home. Then, the samples we collect will be sent to professional mold testing laboratory. Soon, we will get the results.

Various Mold Tests

A mold test tells the amount of mold particles in a certain area at a certain time. The amount of mold spores fluctuates from time to time and place to place. So, we should perform the test several times in different locations of our home. Therefore, we will get more accurate and complete picture of a mold problem in our home.

Types of Mold Testing
There are many types of mold testing. They are:

  • Bulk testing
  • Air testing
  • Surface testing
  • Culture testing

All the mold tests have their own advantages and disadvantages.

Air Mold Testing

Air mold testing tests the concentration of mold spores in our home’s air. Samples are collected from the air and kept under the microscope. Air mold testing also tells if we have mold problems in our home even if we cannot find it. The amount of mold spores change drastically in a small amount of time so giving varying results at a different time.

Surface Mold Testing

Surface mold testing takes samples from household surfaces and finds the amount of mold growth and spores at home. Samples are collected by various methods like tape lifting, swabbing, etc. The sample is then taken to the laboratory for examination. The results can vary like air mold testing since mold growth and spores do not spread evenly across surfaces in the home. But surface mold testing cannot identify the exact concentration of mold spores in the air.

Bulk Mold Testing

Bulk mold testing collects pieces of materials from our home. The material is taken to the laboratory where mold particles present in the material can be examined under a microscope. Bulk mole testing tells whether we have a mold problem and gives us idea of the concentration of mold concentration in our home.

Culture Mold Testing

Culture mold test involves taking mold particles in a sample from home and then are grown into large mold colonies in the laboratory. So, culture tests identify the species of mold in the home. Dead mold particles in the home cause allergies and health problems. Other tests can detect both living and non-living mold, but cannot identify the mold species.

Purpose of Mold Testing

The main reasons for performing mold tests are:
Noticing signs of mold such as mold odor and symptoms

  • Identifying species of mold
  • Finding the mold growth
  • Testing indoor air quality
  • Testing the removal of molds

Mold Remediation For Your House And Business In Cincinnati, Ohio

Mold Remediation

Mold spores can travel to any place very easily. If the conditions are right, they can grow on any surface, be it organic or not. Even a small moisture control problem can lead to massive mold growth. Especially, if you live in a humid region, mold problem will be very common to you. Humidity essentially gears up mold growth. Even if there is no household moisture, mold growth will occur due to the humid conditions.
Sciences have found mold growth to be linked with different health problems. It can worsen asthma, increase wheezing and coughing. Usually, how a person reacts to mold varies from individual to individual how they react to mold. Some people get some kind of irritation too soon, whereas some are just ok with it. The physical problems due to mold are not universal, but they are highly generalized. Mold identification is also important. Sometimes, it is impossible to detect it unless it becomes a large patch. Sometimes, behind wallpaper coverings also mold grows.
If you suspect that mold growth is invading your private area, consult Mold Remediation, Cincinnati, Ohio services. Do not let this issue become bigger as in the case of big problems, the remediators even ask to vacate the house. After the house is vacated, they clean up the space. Mold removal is a twofold process, and the first is to treat the moisture problem in your house and then remove the already grown mold.
Sometimes they penetrate within the surface which is very hard to remove. If there are pipe leaks or any other water seepage issue, a plumber will be needed for that. It is better that during the cleanup stage you stay out of the area where cleanup is going on. The chemicals used may be harmful to you to smell directly. Remediators have proper equipment and masks to protect themselves, and therefore, it is not an issue for them.